Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kebabs and HTML

Sorry I haven't posted anything up in over a week. Been meaning to but stuff has always kept coming up. All this HTML code is really complex and I'm familiar with only the basics.
I'm trying to figure out how to put an image in my title, put music on the blog and only extract the audio from a You tube Video. It contains all 6 Batman theme songs and theyre simply awesome. On a totally random note, I managed to spend around $100 on Kebabs. Man, I've found a new food addiction. It has succulent beef, tomato,lettuce,onion and GARLIC SAUCE YUM!

I'm also trying to create a banner link so I can link my blog to Kelvin Lee's. Click on the banner and *boom* you're on his blog. Make sure you comment and vote on his poll.

Lee has been awesome helping with the code and setting out. You should visit his blog sometime and for God's sake, leave a comment.Come on, at least one for the LEEst of Lee. I'm Carter and if that doesn't make any sense,take a look at his banner on the top of his blog. If you still don't get it, you need a brain transplant and some fish oil which should improve your IQ and double your brain cells.
Insults aside, I'll be adding music to the blog too and I might just put your favorites up there. (Thank you Liz for nagging me half to death. I'll give you 5th preference just for that) = P

And now for some really funny stuff said by people over the week (That I can remember)

Jess: Your facial expressions are great when you sing Nikhil
Me: No thats just the part of the song I get to when I'm in the shower and have soap in my eyes

Matt L: Mum, Do you have balls (Referring to sports equipment?)

Ok thats all you need to know about my random grizzle life...for now

Monday, August 11, 2008

Batman has always been one of my favourite Super Heroes of all time and here is why
1) He's a Playboy and a Billionaire. He is a natural pimp and gets the ladies. Smooth.
2) He has no Super Powers and relies on Natural Talents,Gadgets and preemptive planning.
3) He is the Dark Knight and actually instills a sense of fear in criminals.
4) He uses his strength instead of brute strength or some other power. (Although X-Ray vision + Ladies = Batperv :P )

More reasons to come right after I go and eat (Or find ways to reduce ranting)