Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Females,Food,Fireworks ~ Indian Festival!

Random Quote before the confusion starts: "Please do not play with the Straw Dispenser" - Person at the counter at Hungry Jacks at me. Me = >:(

Diwali is the festival of lights. I'm keeping it real simple for all the non Indians reading this blog since you're probably scratching some part of your body and googling it furiously to find some way to use it against me in an argument. But here is the bottom line. India is in Asia. Asia = One of THE most cultured places on earth with BRILLIANT Festivals that involve Food and celebrating someone or something yada yada... Thank you Sanket for taking and uploading the pics :)

But to keep things short, The women were HOT, Food slightly over priced and the Fireworks were in the Sky.

Then there was a MASSIVE SPREE of spamming everyone's Facebook pics, status, wall etc etc with comments involving batman or something that popped into my head at the spur of the moment.

The chocolate croissants were sold out on 1/2 $ Day yesterday :( Its because of things like this that people commit suicide you know?

And a BIG THANK YOU to Luke Chua for filling up my 500GB External Hardrive with 143GB of stuff like Movies and Stand up comedy routines!
I also managed to download Season 1 of Heroes (8GB) and chucked that on my external HD too. My Hardrive now only has 2GB free.

Note to self: Buy 1TB external HD
Note to self #2: Stop writing these note to selfs on your blog, youre not gonna read them
Note to slef #3: Forget Note to selves. Your conscience dosen't take notes and you can not be reminded :(

Ok I think I'll end it now and promise to update it properly soon (I know I've been saying that for eons but I've been busy k?) Its 1:00AM and I have to wake up at 7:00am

Friday, October 24, 2008

October Fest

I'm not German or anything. If anything, It should be pretty obvious that I'm Indian. You think otherwise? Well your opinions don't matter. Bubble Tea with friends tastes even better then with some strange Asian girl you just met at Utopia. Who needs $100 Karaoke when you have Singstar at home right?

Well, Once again I've had an AWESOME Tuesday thanks to the 1/2 Price food at Croissant Express (After 4pm) Overeating makes me really sleepy as well. I ate 3 WHOLE kebabs and fell asleep in the bus on the way home. Was a good nap too. I had 2 Ginger Beers when I got home since Kebabs make you really thirsty and Garlic sauce is like the seasoning of the gods. Towards the evening, As I was watching House, I decided to do my usual 100 Crunches but I couldn't since my stomach was really bloated. It looked like I had swallowed a pillow or had some how become pregnant. But it was a really uncomfortable experience. Nevertheless, I slept like the Mafia Goon with concrete shoes.

Now for a really random quote:

Tv Show Host: "So Johnny, It says here your hobbies are Women,Girls and Chicks"
Johnny Bravo: "And babes, don't forget babes"

Excellent role model. Gotta love the Hair gel.

I learnt a very important lesson today. Never flip a coin to make decisions when you're at the bus stop. My coin went higher than I wanted to and landed on the roof of the bus shelter. I lost $1.00 :'( Adios Bus fare.

Ok I shall finally listen to you guys and post your requested songs on my blog.
Carlos, Could you please tell Kate that I'm doing my best to learn the lyrics to the Spanish songs you guys wanted downloaded so I can get them for you. But its a bit of a chore since I first have to learn the basics of Spanish.
Good to have you back mira ;) Hope your holidays were fun. We organize a fiesta for you guys soon aye? Vamos!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay, I seriousely haven't updated my blog in some time. Good things after all do take time right?
Okay well maybe not THAT long but still bear with me and I promise to produce quality garbage like this for your reading pleasure in the future.

Now for the bullshit and stuff thats happened to me in the last month or so (that I can remember)

I think Global Warming is an interesting concept. I WANT the Ice Caps to melt and flood the world. Only then would we find The Lost City of Atlantis. Well, If we found it, it wouldn't be "lost" anymore and it would just be "Atlantis". Global Warming would expand Aqua Man's empire since he is after all the King of Atlantis. Then I can finally tell him how much he sucks as a superhero and how Batman could kick his ass.
I mean come on, What can Aqua Man do except swim and talk to Sea Creatures? Shoot his hook out? Summon Poseidon? It was Poseidon who sent Atlantis beneath the waves in the first place....*rolls eyes*

Enough about Aqua Man failing at life. Now to talk about an Awesome 2 (short) weeks of Holidays!

Spent most of it Eating and when I wasn't eating, I was spending time with friends watching random movies and gaming on the 360, PS3, PC, *sigh* even the Wii. Don't give me that look. I has 3 Good Games. THREE! OMG! Guitar Hero 3 (High score of 12,000) <---FAIL! Super Smash Bros (Very Niiiice) and Mario Kart (Even better) Oooh how could I forget? I FINALLY downloaded all the episodes of Justice League. All 91 episodes and it took me almost a month since there weren't enough Seeders and too many Leechers. If you don't know what they mean, throw a brick at your window and set your carpet on fire. They serve no purpose but at least now you'll know that ignorance can have disastrous results. Very good cartoon. based on the comics and stars the world's greatest heroes. The original seven founding members are some of the best in the world. Especially Batman, I mean come on, He's the brains behind the operation and The Flash is the comedian :) You don't see The Hulk or Iron Man in the Justice League do you? I'll give Spider Man a break since he is one of my favourites. Somewhere at um #2? No? Ok #3. Superman is cool but will always be #2.