Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music and Dogs

Thats what happens if you mess with Batman :D

Well they really have nothing much in common except I know a few dogs who bark to the music quite....rhythmically. But enough about that, I was going to explain how I spent Sunday at Murdoch Open Day but Lee pretty much nailed it.

Sorry once again for taking forever to update this thing. I'm about as reliable with this as I'm punctual :P .....Which is not very as most of you may already know.
So instead
I'll tell you about my Dad's crazy idea of testing how responsible I can really be by making me wake up at 6:00am in the Morning everyday till the 22nd of October but that plan failed on an EPIC scale since I got the Flu or something. No wait, It was Acute Bronchitis (Thank you Spell Check, I hope for your sake you got the spelling of "Bronchitis" correct) That stupid thing made me lose my appetite and really really weak (OMG!) and due to lack of food and my Arch Nemesis, Hunger abusing me violently from within, I fainted and smashed the side of my face into the floor (Yes, Thats how food deprived I was) Well I had lost my appetite (OMG I know! How is that even possible for me right? And shouldn't I be celebrating for not being hungry for 2 weeks?) Well, Actually NO since getting hungry is what makes food all the more awesome and enjoyable. Hanging out with friends and coding is what I spent my time doing.

I accidentally walked into a street lamp when I was walking down to Blockbuster with Cherie (Embarrassing but hilarious...also hurt my nose a lot) My excuse was really liking her dress and that failed since she told me she's had it for 6 months. My response of "It keeps getting prettier every time you wear it" might have been......weak?

Friday the 19th was Jack Smith's Birthday. Happy Birthday to him and his sweet 16 (Wtf ONLY 16? Everyone else I know is turning 17/18 and stuff and he's still 16. OMG WTFRIP) *ahem* Nah I don't blame you for popping out late.
Liz's response to the above statement: "Ewww you made me picture that and it wasn't pretty"
I think she insulted you Jack hehehehehe....

Saturday was an AWESOME GAMING SESSION and hang time with friends, then dinner with parents in Mela, An Awesome Indian Restaurant in North Bridge.
People in Australia get hangovers due to excess consumption of Alcohol over the weekend.
Me, I get indigestion due to excess eating over the weekend. Because weekends are really the time you can sit down to a nice heavy meal and eat yourself silly till you feel the BURN (Heart burn or that tight,cramping pain in your chest) <---- AWESOME (Since I know it isn't going to affect me) MUHAHAHAHAHA! Today was another AWESOME Tuesday. Made all the more awesome by me discovering that Croissant Express in Fremantle serves 1/2 Price food in the afternoon everyday! I found a new place for CHEAP AND DELICIOUS FOOD. So I treated myself. I had a massive Chocolate Muffin for $1.50, a bottle of Coke for $2.50 (Well I was feeling too lazy to walk all the way to Coles and be a cheap ass and buy Ice Tea from there), A Roast Beef Bagle for $3.50, which was really quite filling and had 1/2 price Waffles at Gelare in the Evening. All to celebrate another wonderful Tuesday. Oh and my Cousin from Melbourne had a confrence here so he popped over. Was kind of a suprise visit. Was a good hang seeing as I hadn't seen him in around 4 years. SUGOI :D Some really funny quotes I remember from the last time I updated my blog Rahul: "You've got to look cool and sexy with everything you do. Brushing your teeth, eating food and usual everyday stuff" Priya: "And thats what you fail at" Rahul = OWNED! Jack: "Ironman>Batman" <--- (ROFL MY WAFFLE. More BS than a bag of Manure)

Damn, I should remember more. I'm going to add more above as it comes back to me. Food should help jog my memory. And speaking of Jogging....NEVER!

Ooooh Music to come here soon! (REALLY? Nik the slacker is actually going to do something with code) The first tune I'm going to put on is The Batman Animated Series Theme by Danny Elfman from the 1993 cartoon that was very nice and stuck to the comic with its "dark" appeal.

Thats all for now. Blog updates (I promise and hope) every Tuesday and Thursday. Why Tuesday and Thursday you ask? Well,

Tuesday = AWESOME 1/2 Price almost everything day. 1/2 $ (Food, Movies, umm....Yeah CHEAP FOOD!)

Thursday = The day of the week I first met Cherie in Garden City and also late night shopping. Stuff the shopping part, Just means the food courts in the Major Shopping Centres are open for longer. (Plus if Cherie has to do some *grumble* shopping or *grumble* buy random stuff like shoes or girly accessories *groan*) Not nom nom nom material is it? Ok I'll STFU for now, Stop calling random people and telling them I'm overeating and just go to bed. :D