Monday, August 11, 2008

Batman has always been one of my favourite Super Heroes of all time and here is why
1) He's a Playboy and a Billionaire. He is a natural pimp and gets the ladies. Smooth.
2) He has no Super Powers and relies on Natural Talents,Gadgets and preemptive planning.
3) He is the Dark Knight and actually instills a sense of fear in criminals.
4) He uses his strength instead of brute strength or some other power. (Although X-Ray vision + Ladies = Batperv :P )

More reasons to come right after I go and eat (Or find ways to reduce ranting)


KeithaZn said...

Really lovely.

My azn eyes have problem reading text on black bground u think u cud change that>>?

Make font size bigger also pls.

DJ APS said...

lol nick..
true, mn nick u gotta make da font a big bigger!!!
ROFL...batman n u??!!>>>???
dude he cn u cnt even RUN!!!...
lol nick..kidding!!!