Friday, October 24, 2008

October Fest

I'm not German or anything. If anything, It should be pretty obvious that I'm Indian. You think otherwise? Well your opinions don't matter. Bubble Tea with friends tastes even better then with some strange Asian girl you just met at Utopia. Who needs $100 Karaoke when you have Singstar at home right?

Well, Once again I've had an AWESOME Tuesday thanks to the 1/2 Price food at Croissant Express (After 4pm) Overeating makes me really sleepy as well. I ate 3 WHOLE kebabs and fell asleep in the bus on the way home. Was a good nap too. I had 2 Ginger Beers when I got home since Kebabs make you really thirsty and Garlic sauce is like the seasoning of the gods. Towards the evening, As I was watching House, I decided to do my usual 100 Crunches but I couldn't since my stomach was really bloated. It looked like I had swallowed a pillow or had some how become pregnant. But it was a really uncomfortable experience. Nevertheless, I slept like the Mafia Goon with concrete shoes.

Now for a really random quote:

Tv Show Host: "So Johnny, It says here your hobbies are Women,Girls and Chicks"
Johnny Bravo: "And babes, don't forget babes"

Excellent role model. Gotta love the Hair gel.

I learnt a very important lesson today. Never flip a coin to make decisions when you're at the bus stop. My coin went higher than I wanted to and landed on the roof of the bus shelter. I lost $1.00 :'( Adios Bus fare.

Ok I shall finally listen to you guys and post your requested songs on my blog.
Carlos, Could you please tell Kate that I'm doing my best to learn the lyrics to the Spanish songs you guys wanted downloaded so I can get them for you. But its a bit of a chore since I first have to learn the basics of Spanish.
Good to have you back mira ;) Hope your holidays were fun. We organize a fiesta for you guys soon aye? Vamos!

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